Marina Ibrishimova's Personal Bio

My name is Marina Ibrishimova. I was born and raised in Varna, Bulgaria. I immigrated to Edmonton, AB, Canada in 2002, and I moved to Victoria, BC, Canada in 2011.

I am a Bulgarian-Canadian citizen and I am fluent in Bulgarian, German, and English. I'm not so fluent in Modern Hebrew, French, and Russian but I can manage a short chat with the help of hand gestures.

I graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Sciences, which encompasses Computer Science, Mathematics, and Statistics. My minor was in German language and literature.

I am currently pursuing a Master of Engineering at the University of Victoria. My concentration is Telecommunications and Information Security.

During my undergraduate degree I studied whatever I cared to study, which is Coding Theory, Group Theory, Ring Theory, Number Theory, Graph Theory, Cryptography, and German literature. I got excellent marks in my major and minor courses.

Prior to attending the University of Alberta, I took a 2 year university transfer program at Grant McEwan college where I studied data structures, algorithms, computer architecture, programming using C, object oriented programming using Java, and Risc assembly language programming.

Before immigrating to Canada, I studied Informatics for 3 consecutive years. I learned programming using Pascal while attending 1st Language School in Varna, Bulgaria. I got the credits for it as reflected in this awesome portion of my Canadian high school diploma equivalent.

My interests include solving problems, mixing colours, building useful stuff efficiently, bragging about my achievements and failures. Especially the failures.

I've dreamt of being a cosmonaut (a dream shattered by my first airplane experience and reflected in my personal art), an artist (a dream shattered by the fact that every time I try to draw people they turn into trees), and a stand up comedian (a dream shattered by the fact that I feel uncomfortable around microphones and other devices that can produce echoes)

My super powers include figuring out what I'm expected to do and doing the exact opposite, making people feel uncomfortable, knowing what needs to be said & saying the exact opposite, eyeballing large numbers, making things happen.

I am a Labour Zionist.

Marina Ibrishimova's Professional Bio

Back in 2009 while still attending the University of Alberta I founded the software development company Ibrius Inc. I served as a chief operating officer and a lead software engineer from 2009 until 2017.

At Ibrius Inc I helped develop several products for commercial use including a point of sale software, a learning management system, and an employee vacation scheduling software.

In 2017 I left Ibrius Inc to travel and to pursue my other interests.

For a full list of my professional achievements, refer to my CV